Friday, February 3, 2017

Army and Navy pics

  It has been a whirlwind of Disney since we got back. I am sore today and still have an afternoon and night of Hollywood and EPCOT to do. The weather and low amount of people in the parks has been wonderful. Yesterday we rode nine rides, watched the parade and still walked over five miles.

The Marines have new ' Duck Boats'
  Duck Boat tours are in many areas and use war surplus ducks. They seem to have been forgotten by the military, but now they have new bigger more powerful ones and they are armored very well also. They have a giant prop and rudder, but I did not get a pic of it. Fun to watch anyway.

M-1 Abrams Tank on a big LCU

  I was wondering around with my camera and a guy in a jeep told me I could take these pics, sure glad he told me. I had no idea they were training in the harbor and it was very fun to watch. The Army was there with modified M-1 Army tanks. They are waterproof anyway, but these had quick attach exhaust and intake air snorkels. The LCU would act like it could not make it to the beach and drop it's door. The Army tank would drive into water almost over the turret and drive out to the boat and climb aboard. Very cool indeed. This was done many times with different crews and one crew had problems and it went from bad to worse. Then I got to watch a tank tow vehicle being used. I also got to hear a lot of profanity from the LCU Captain, when they got the tank stuck on the LCU and it started listing quite a bit. There is skill involved in loading and unloading tanks. Just like on an airplane, Center of Gravity matters.

A lot of work goes into defending our freedom

  That is all for today, off to the park again. Hope you enjoyed pics.


  1. It would have been very nice to hear some audio of what you heard, when the Captain was showing some 'leadership'. Training is always fun and interesting.

  2. It was fun and interesting for sure. The tank was not centered and then tried to correct issue on the boat. That caused the track to grab the wall and climb up, that is when SHTF.