Sunday, February 19, 2017

Duck Boat Tour

Another Groupon deal oh my

  It was a nice drive down to Miami Beach and after finding the parking garage, we went walking in search of the Duck. Parking spots are more rare here than Key West, park for the day and walk or ride the free trolley. 

Not a real USN Duck Boat, but built on a Ford F53 chassis and very stable  
  This was a great and fun way to learn the area. I was amazed how stable it was on the water with fast boats passing us.

Our tour guide was very funny and works nights as a comedian 

 Miami Beach is not in the city of Miami. It is it's own city among many islands and a lot of big money. East and West streets are numbers and North and South are names, makes it easy to walk or bike around. A decent hotel room is $ 200+ and there are a lot of condo rentals also.

Art Deco is the style here
  After the tour we went for a beach walk and had diner at the Ritz. The food and atmosphere were great. Then it was late and time for bed, so we went walking to see what the night life was like. 

  The next day was the play we had come to see and the reason for the recon we had enjoyed. It is traveling around the country and worth seeing, Beautiful is the name. Three hours after the valet parking delivered our car, we were back at the Cabana with Mr Kitty. A fun get away for sure and we will be back again.

Update: The Space X launch went perfect and it shook the Cabana, but low clouds prevented seeing it. A minute or so later the Cabana shook again, but quickly and I heard the loudest sonic boom ever. Thankfully the news was on the launch and they announced that the giant boom was just the reusable rocket returning to Merritt Island at Mach 6 and slowing down. It made a successful landing on it's pad. Now they will do it again and we move onward to the life of the Jetsons.


  1. Interesting concept to launch a boat. Kind of like the Amphicar, which has now become collectible. That is if you can find one that isn't full of holes.

  2. I am amazed the axle seals and U joints keep water out. I should have taken more technical pics, but they wanted to load the Duck and get moving. Getting back on shore is shaky as the tires try to grip the ramp and the prop is lifting out of the water. Sure worth riding one and a great way to learn the area.