Saturday, February 4, 2017

I Got Peed On

No idea what he is

  Saturday was sleep in and then clean the Cabana. There was an oil change for the car, which just passed 190,000 miles and some shopping also. Sure felt good to just stay home.

 We really enjoyed our Disney time and were very lucky to have very short lines and no giant mass of people to wade through. All was not rosy though, on one ride which had a bench seat, a girl lost bladder control and I was soaked. It was hard for me to nod and say it's OK after she apologized. It was my shorts and undies and I was too wet to drive home, so I walked until I was dry. I hope to forget it soon. 

 Still waiting for my helicopter ride, we seem to be playing phone tag. Hopefully I will hook up with the instructor this week. He is a busy guy with tourist flight seeing making him money.

 Enjoy the game


  1. Geez... scared me for a while there. Thought you were getting into web porn. Still, that was bad enough.