Friday, February 24, 2017

R 44 ride around the Island

Two tourists going for a ride around their island $ 138

  Today was Sunny and 81 degrees and we both were ready for a car drive or something. The company I had hoped to fly with could do a flight seeing tour with us today, The dual controls were removed and the instructor was out of town with family, but if we wanted a tour, be there at 13:30. 
Pilots Ride <$4K invested

 The pilot was very knowledgeable of the local area and a good safe pilot. We both enjoyed seeing our local area from 500 feet. I learned a lot on this trip.There are locks on canals and a sub base with a Guided Missile Cruiser hanging out, It made for a very fun afternoon for both of us. Since it was the same helicopter I may fly, it was great to see the land marks and reporting points. Kinda like Recon to help me in the future.
Plan to Be There!

  Life at the Cabana is going well and I am enjoying tinkering on a project, might learn a new skill in the process. Decided to stay out of the parks until late next week, a break is a good thing. Tampa will have us busy anyway.

 Not Working For A Living Is Great!


  1. You still need a tan on those legs. :^)

  2. Yep, but I live in shorts on Sunny days and Nadda.

  3. You two are looking great. Don't know how you go to Disney so often and never catch anything. David is at 14 days and counting and I'm at 9 with this horrible cough and virus compliments of the park.

    1. Thanks, we are staying away from the parks until the weather cools a bit. Just got back from Tampa, great concert, fun family visit, a whole day at MOSI and Kathy went to a Tigers game with her cousin. Many Micro Brews tried also.