Sunday, February 5, 2017

San Diego harbor

Destroyer on left and Guided Missile Cruiser on right 

  Still missing the big city and many ships of San Diego, would be a nice place to live if I were rich. The Horn Blower harbor tour is very fun to take and they explain each ship and what it is can do.

CG 69 GMC a better view of equipment

  The ship above can see 20% of Earth when at sea and OTH RADAR is online, kinda amazing. They can kill other ships, subs and aircraft from a long way away. Too Cool. They also carry two SH-60 helicopters to patrol for subs. The Phalanx gun is the white and grey thing just below the windows, the black dot is the Gatling gun. It is last defense against aircraft that get too close.

Rear view of Destroyer
 Today was weigh ourselves day and my falling off the wagon shows on the scale. I am 204 pounds dressed to fly. Before our big vacation I had been at 195 dressed to fly. Booze ads pounds, even with all my hard walking. I must go sober again, just to keep the weight off. Oh well I enjoyed many good wines and a few great beers, but not worth the weight gain. Must go back to water only again.

 Our old Sebring Touring passed 190,000 miles this week. I hope it lasts to 300K, but time will tell. It is the most fun to drive car I have ever owned and it is comfy to sit in for very long drives. Since I drive it at 70 to 90 MPH, I keep the suspension and tires in good shape. 

 Other than that, more Cabana cleaning and now watching game. 


  1. 70-90 mph, eh? That'll get the heart going.

  2. Wow, where in the world can you drive that fast? It's so true that the calories go on SO much more quickly than the pounds come off. 5 days in Disney puts nearly 10 pounds on me and it takes more than a month to get it off.