Monday, February 13, 2017

Sebring gets $ 700 repair to keep going

C-5 A Cargo Plane

  We have been keeping up our same routine, a day in Disney for 5 to 10 mile walk and 3 to 5 rides and then a day at the Cabana to chill out. Magic Kingdom lunch is PB sandwiches on Tom Sawyer Island.  Mid April is getting closer every day and I will miss this life, so wifey got me a return trip planned and paid for. I will be back in mid June for a heat fix. She is trusting me to stay out of trouble and on my diet. I have a Universal Studios pass and a rental car, so I should be fine living in roller coaster land.

  The Cabana car has been getting a noisy right front wheel bearing for a few weeks now and I felt it was best to get it fixed before my luck ran out. Both front hubs and all spark plugs replaced this time and nothing else broken found. It has 190564 miles on it at this time and I saw one at the dealer with over 300K miles and still doing fine. The Sebring Touring is a lot like an airplane, fix it before it breaks and use a dealer for the work or know what you are doing if you fix it yourself. It is an exotic car and most die due to mechanics lack of skill. Parts were $ 80 and labor was rest.

  The parks are getting more crowded now and mostly by people from South America and a lot of American Cheer Leaders etc. Nothing wrong with a lot of teen age Cheer Leaders IMO.

  Happy Valentines Day tomorrow. 


  1. I wish I could keep a car that long. I will the Z but it barely has over 60K on the odometer. I saw on the forum the other day that a man 84 had a Z4 and bought it when he was 79, so i have a lot of years left in my car. Don't drive it much but it's fun when I do. Great shot of that C-5. She is letting you return in the middle of bikini season without adult supervision??? LOL

  2. If you loan the Z to me next Winter, perhaps I will fall in love with them. It would get a lot of highway miles with me. Oh the beach walks will be nice!

  3. I don't think we did a ten mile day during the entire 5 days we were there. How do you guys do 5 rides in a day without standing in long lines? Hope you enjoy the heat of June but won't your Sebring be at the Cabana for you to use. It's always less expensive to fix em' than to replace them. We had tons of cheerleaders too in every color of the skimpiest shorts I've ever seen.