Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Watching Paint Dry

  It was time to remove the new smaller alarm panel from the wall and paint the wall. We had been looking at a blue ring around the tiny panel on a yellow wall. So I put on old clothes and went into the cuby hole and found the paint. After a lot of stirring and removing the new panel, I painted the area around the alarm. As it dried....wifey asked why it was a very different color yellow. Me, seeing the problem and thinking it through, answered ( it's primer, that blue is hard to cover without it.) So back into the hole I went and found the correct yellow and started the stirring again.

  So it has been nice to stay home two days, long hot showers and our comfy bed felt great. Even Mr Kitty has been nice and content.

  A tank of gas and a paint roller and a few needed grocery's were bought, but otherwise we have stayed at the Cabana and watched TV movies  and read books on our Kindle Paper Whites.

  We really enjoyed our trip to Miami Beach and have been looking into a return trip before we travel back North. This weekend will be spent in Tampa Fl and I always enjoy that.


  1. Nice save. In my case I end up having to paint the whole wall to get it to match.

    1. Got lucky, looks like a match, had to use a small roller though.

  2. Me too, glad it matched. Everyone sounds nice and content.

  3. Thanks, we are back and enjoying a few days around the Cabana, before it is off to something else. It is nice to have a home base to day trip from.