Friday, March 31, 2017

Sunny Beach Walks Each Day

Del Mar is the life for me. Up early for coffee under the tiki and then a long walk. Old camper still doing fine. We go for a drive each day, places between here and Salton Sea. Rains have the desert plants blooming many wonderful colors. Diner each night is at a micro brew and then watch Sunset from the Beach. 72 and Sunny every day.

Saturday, March 25, 2017

1960 Chevy Impala at car show

1960 Chevy with 348 six pack 

  I wanted to find the rifle range to shoot my gun today. I had never been there and had directions, but failed to locate the place. ( Google Earth showed my error, so I made new directions for next time.)

The engine runs on the center carb unless the gas pedal is floored

  As we enjoyed the drive anyway, we noticed a big car show going on. I did not have a camera, but Kathy convinced me to stop and enjoy the sights. Sure glad she did. I have a fondness for 1960 Chevy Impalas' with the big flat fins and cool doors and dash.

Always liked the valve covers on the 348/409 engines

    This one has an alternator upgrade, but otherwise stock. I worked on these as a kid, see the dwell window on the distributor cap just to the right of the vacuum advance. That was a pain in the rear.

  There were about 150 show cars there, but my favorite was two Ford Falcon Sprint cars, a 1963 and 1964. This was the first time I had seen a real one. We had built copies as teens, but these are factory stock. Very light cars with a 289 Ford and 4 speed transmission. Built to be street racers with the Chevy Nova etc of the time.

Friday, March 24, 2017

Went to Universal to Ride Coasters

  A visit to Universal was in order for exercise and distraction. The taxes are complete, but not yet filed. We are still in the 15% tax bracket and that is quite a relief for me. Nothing like some professional help to resolve some issues and all is OK with the IRS. 

  It was a breezy 77 degree day and I rode four roller coasters including my favorite in the first pic, the HULK. We walked just over seven miles and really enjoyed the day. 

  I am starting to like phone pics and someday may have a phone like my friend that has a camera on par with a DSLR. Then again I may lose it and it costs a fortune. This $19 phone is serving me well and if I lose long. 

  Kathy has Groupons for a Rubucon Jeep ride in Borrego Springs California and a Beer tour and a 8G acrobatic ride in a stunt plane for me. Yes, after a few more days inside Disney, we fly back out to the camper to spend another 10 nights on the beach. She is busy filling in all our days with fun things to be doing. Life with her is a good time.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Doing Taxes Blows


  We have been very busy inside Disney and happy the crowds are less. Then we had a day of rest before starting taxes today. 

Looking for deductions

 There has to be a better way of making sure the government got their share. I found it stressful and had to take a break in the middle. 

 Now we will wait a few days to let ideas bounce around our heads. Perhaps an income or deduction will pop into our heads, it has worked in the past.

 Our taxes would be very easy, but I have a stock trading hobby. That adds complexity with gains and losses to all be accounted for. Need to make a few phone calls tomorrow. Hope my dreams come true.

Another bird

  Otherwise life has been simple, walks, laundry, shopping, etc. 

Not all birds have flown North yet
This Rosette Spoon Bill might be

Saturday, March 18, 2017

2nd Night Rocket Launch This Week

  As I write this the Delta IV is on it's way. It was another crystal clear night cool and dry. The SpaceX the other night did not shake our Cabana, but that Delta had this place rocking like an Earth Quake. I did not even try to get pic, as my last ones just look like a giant arc light. I do like getting an text and then just stepping out on our patio and watch the show. We do live in a nice location for many things.

  I walked just over ten miles yesterday and once again took all these pics with a cheap LG phone. I started in EPCOT with a Soran Fast Pass and also did the Universe of Power. Most rides had unreal waiting lines, so I walked around the countries twice and then went to Animal Kingdom to meet up with Kathy who had been at the Braves vs the Detroit Tigers at the ESPN stadium. The Disney app on the LG phone got me three more Fast Passes before the night was over and we closed the park at ten PM. I rode Primeval Whirl 5 times and Yetti roller coaster 5 times and did a night Safari after the Light Parade. 

  Been playing with installing a programmable thermostat for the Air Conditioning while we are gone. I bought it last year, but waited too close to leaving to trust it. The power company suggested it for snow birds as the A/C should run at 60 to 65 degrees from 6 am to 7 am and then stay off the rest of the day. This removes most of the humidity from the house while not using too much power. I will give it a try this Summer and see how well it works.

  Today was a rest day and much needed.  Kitty doing fine as are we.

  Weather wise this has been a great week, mid 50's to low 70's and very low humidity.

  Kathy has been busy making Summer reservations in Alaska, gotta book early for low cost fun things. She also does non profit auctions and got us a train trip from Anchorage to Denali Park and two nights there and a private ride out to Wonder Lake and back. She bid $ 700 and won it. That is a trip way beyond our budget if paying normal price. She is quite the bargain hunter.  

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Disney is Crowded

  It is Spring Break and Disney is the most packed as I have ever seen. Lines for most good rides running two hours and so so rides 40 minutes. Fast pass lines outside and start at a cast member holding a sign. The fast pass line was 25 minutes to Buzz Light Year. It was was a 68 degree day with a 15 mph wind which made it a bit chilly, yet nice.

  We had Fast Passes for Buzz and Peter Pan and Small World. We rode people mover and boat and spent a lot of time on Tom Sawyer Island, more time than we planned, as it was very crowded also and a boat broke down, leaving only one to get people off the island. The Train is running again, but the wait to ride was 40 minutes, so we decided to skip that. We walked just over six miles and that was the goal anyway.

  It was a good day and I got my exercise done.

Monday, March 13, 2017

More Airshow pics

WWI Focker DR I modern replica 

  Today was a relax and recover day. It was spent doing laundry and reading, very nice actually.

WWII  Sopwith modern day replica  

WWII F4U Coursair

  We have been getting quite a bit of rain today, good to stay inside anyway.

Present day Navy fighter F-18

 Mr Kitty has spent the day napping in as many different locations as possible. He is now on the stairs.

Present day fighter used by NATO F-16

  Tomorrow will be back into the parks for miles of walking and a few rides. It is a fun life for now.

Update: My pics on this post are not sharp and clear like the photo I used. Hum? 
Also tonight will possibly be a Space X launch between 01:30 to 04:30. Suspect my sleep will get disturbed, if all goes well for them.

Sunday, March 12, 2017

EPCOT Flower pics

  Sunday early AM was EPCOT flower show 2017.

  The weather was great and no crowds until afternoon. We got into Frozen with a 20 minute wait, thought it would be a year before I saw that without a Fast Pass+.

  These EPCOT pics were all taken with my new $ 19 LG prepay phone. So far I am happy with the coverage Verizon offers, we have 3 bars in our Cabana, compared to 0 bars with T-Mobile.

  As the day wore on my energy fell quickly. A airshow on Friday and then beach walks on Saturday and staying up way too late after a beer tasting event, made a 6 am wake up mighty hard. DST may have made it worse also. We did Frozen, The Sea, Circle of Life and Soarin ( fast pass+ ) and I asked to drive back to the Cabana and call it a day. We walked just over six miles in EPCOT in six hours spent there, it is beautiful with all the flowers.

Friday, March 10, 2017

TICO Airshow

Yak 55 flying up thru a smoke ring

  Today was the local TICO Warbird Air Show. It runs through Sunday and features a F-18 demonstration and the great USAF Thunderbirds. It also has four propeller acrobatic shows and a lot of P-51, F4U and other war birds flying. It was a great show and we enjoyed our day there.

AD-6 Sky Raider powered by Wright R3350, 2500hp

  They had many very fancy cars with big engines that they let run down the runway. They sounded awesome. State Troopers measured speed and highest I heard was 153 mph. 

  Just a few pics for tonight, very tired. The weather will be cooler this weekend and I suggest going to this show if your are near Titusville Florida.