Saturday, March 18, 2017

2nd Night Rocket Launch This Week

  As I write this the Delta IV is on it's way. It was another crystal clear night cool and dry. The SpaceX the other night did not shake our Cabana, but that Delta had this place rocking like an Earth Quake. I did not even try to get pic, as my last ones just look like a giant arc light. I do like getting an text and then just stepping out on our patio and watch the show. We do live in a nice location for many things.

  I walked just over ten miles yesterday and once again took all these pics with a cheap LG phone. I started in EPCOT with a Soran Fast Pass and also did the Universe of Power. Most rides had unreal waiting lines, so I walked around the countries twice and then went to Animal Kingdom to meet up with Kathy who had been at the Braves vs the Detroit Tigers at the ESPN stadium. The Disney app on the LG phone got me three more Fast Passes before the night was over and we closed the park at ten PM. I rode Primeval Whirl 5 times and Yetti roller coaster 5 times and did a night Safari after the Light Parade. 

  Been playing with installing a programmable thermostat for the Air Conditioning while we are gone. I bought it last year, but waited too close to leaving to trust it. The power company suggested it for snow birds as the A/C should run at 60 to 65 degrees from 6 am to 7 am and then stay off the rest of the day. This removes most of the humidity from the house while not using too much power. I will give it a try this Summer and see how well it works.

  Today was a rest day and much needed.  Kitty doing fine as are we.

  Weather wise this has been a great week, mid 50's to low 70's and very low humidity.

  Kathy has been busy making Summer reservations in Alaska, gotta book early for low cost fun things. She also does non profit auctions and got us a train trip from Anchorage to Denali Park and two nights there and a private ride out to Wonder Lake and back. She bid $ 700 and won it. That is a trip way beyond our budget if paying normal price. She is quite the bargain hunter.  

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