Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Disney is Crowded

  It is Spring Break and Disney is the most packed as I have ever seen. Lines for most good rides running two hours and so so rides 40 minutes. Fast pass lines outside and start at a cast member holding a sign. The fast pass line was 25 minutes to Buzz Light Year. It was was a 68 degree day with a 15 mph wind which made it a bit chilly, yet nice.

  We had Fast Passes for Buzz and Peter Pan and Small World. We rode people mover and boat and spent a lot of time on Tom Sawyer Island, more time than we planned, as it was very crowded also and a boat broke down, leaving only one to get people off the island. The Train is running again, but the wait to ride was 40 minutes, so we decided to skip that. We walked just over six miles and that was the goal anyway.

  It was a good day and I got my exercise done.


  1. Wow, a two hour wait for rides. Feel sorry for those for whom this is their one and only visit.

  2. Yes, we did also. Heard many bad comments at the ' Happiest Place On Earth.'
    We will be back tomorrow at EPCOT for our walk. Just hope we do not catch a cold or worse being so close to so many sick people.