Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Doing Taxes Blows


  We have been very busy inside Disney and happy the crowds are less. Then we had a day of rest before starting taxes today. 

Looking for deductions

 There has to be a better way of making sure the government got their share. I found it stressful and had to take a break in the middle. 

 Now we will wait a few days to let ideas bounce around our heads. Perhaps an income or deduction will pop into our heads, it has worked in the past.

 Our taxes would be very easy, but I have a stock trading hobby. That adds complexity with gains and losses to all be accounted for. Need to make a few phone calls tomorrow. Hope my dreams come true.

Another bird

  Otherwise life has been simple, walks, laundry, shopping, etc. 

Not all birds have flown North yet
This Rosette Spoon Bill might be


  1. Your comment says it all. How can we, with so little income pay so much and those with so much income pay nothing.

    1. Should read your TITLE says it all, brain dead jere.

    2. Thanks for the comment, I needed a laugh.

  2. With an accounting background I realize that all individuals have different situations when it comes to filing taxes. I hate to make you feel sick but I filed early as possible, electronically and had my refund by February 4th.

    Adding to what Sherry says ... I make a lot less income now retired than I did working ... but I have dropped to the lower tax tiers that I now get 90% of my taxes back in refund instead of paying $1,500 more than what they withheld when I worked. Now IF I were to start withdrawing from my 401K, that would put in a higher tax bracket and I'd have less of a refund if I had any at all.

    It's crazy!