Sunday, March 12, 2017

EPCOT Flower pics

  Sunday early AM was EPCOT flower show 2017.

  The weather was great and no crowds until afternoon. We got into Frozen with a 20 minute wait, thought it would be a year before I saw that without a Fast Pass+.

  These EPCOT pics were all taken with my new $ 19 LG prepay phone. So far I am happy with the coverage Verizon offers, we have 3 bars in our Cabana, compared to 0 bars with T-Mobile.

  As the day wore on my energy fell quickly. A airshow on Friday and then beach walks on Saturday and staying up way too late after a beer tasting event, made a 6 am wake up mighty hard. DST may have made it worse also. We did Frozen, The Sea, Circle of Life and Soarin ( fast pass+ ) and I asked to drive back to the Cabana and call it a day. We walked just over six miles in EPCOT in six hours spent there, it is beautiful with all the flowers.


  1. So happy to see your pictures of the Flower and Garden show. We were there last year and it really was beautiful. How you did all those rides AND walked 6 miles in 6 hours. I'd be tired too. Hate daylight savings time and the other switch too. Not sure there are many people who don't. But no one gets after their congress people to change it, so on we go doing something twice a year that has been proven by medical research to be bad for our health.

  2. Although my background is in Naval Aviation, I always thought the Air Force F-16 was the best looking aircraft of all. I still do. I'd love to have that car in your first picture but I am pretty sure if I sold everything I owned including 'the hounds', I couldn't come close to buying it. LOL

  3. I've only ever been to Disney World once and that was back about 1977 and yes I did ride Space Mountain. As I recall I really liked it there for a day and still have good memories from it. If I won a lottery I would like to go there again and spend maybe a week just seeing and doing everything. With all the shapes and colors in your photos I know I would wear out my cameras in no time:))