Monday, March 13, 2017

More Airshow pics

WWI Focker DR I modern replica 

  Today was a relax and recover day. It was spent doing laundry and reading, very nice actually.

WWII  Sopwith modern day replica  

WWII F4U Coursair

  We have been getting quite a bit of rain today, good to stay inside anyway.

Present day Navy fighter F-18

 Mr Kitty has spent the day napping in as many different locations as possible. He is now on the stairs.

Present day fighter used by NATO F-16

  Tomorrow will be back into the parks for miles of walking and a few rides. It is a fun life for now.

Update: My pics on this post are not sharp and clear like the photo I used. Hum? 
Also tonight will possibly be a Space X launch between 01:30 to 04:30. Suspect my sleep will get disturbed, if all goes well for them.

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