Wednesday, March 8, 2017

My Week

  The weather changed for the best, low 60's to low 70's and Sunny. We spent the day in Animal Kingdom at Disney and enjoyed it.  Our trip to Tampa was our big event for the week. It started with a great concert and then a day with family and then a Detroit Tigers game and I spent the day in MOSI next to the Moffitt Cancer center. It is a great place to spend a day and I really enjoyed myself.

  That was Thursday thru last Saturday and then on Sunday we went to Magic Kingdom with a two year old girl and her family. I had never met them before and the kid must have thought I was the boggy man. She trusted me less than my cat. It was a very fun day though and she was amazed at all she saw. I would have been scared of the giant mouse and friends, but she held on to Minnie's nose and was very happy. Her face and calls to 'Moma look see' were great as she was alert and amazed at all the things in Small World.  

 My machining project was a lot of fun, but on the last polishing step....I ruined it when the end mill came loose from the router collet, bummer. I learned a lot and will try another project and for sure check collet tightness every time I change height. I never thought I would like metal working, but it is quite fun for me. A lot different than welding and cutting for sure.

  I broke down and bought a $19 phone from Verizon so I can check the signal coverage. We have stayed with T Mobile too long as we have phone service like on the old TV show Green Acres at our Cabana. It appears we have a very good Verizon signal here. The phone is temporary and allows free calls to my Nephew in Ontario Canada also.  


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  1. Sounds like a very busy week. We've found verizon the best coverage throughout the country but also the most expensive. They all came out with new unlimited plans recently.