Thursday, March 9, 2017

Took a flight instruction in Florida

  No pics again. too busy flying that R-44 in a 15 knot wind. I had never met the instructor and that causes me to have a bit of anxiety. He was different as most instructors keep their hands in their laps, he keeps his hands on the controls like a B727 instructor pilot. Just different not bad.

  He let me me start the injected engine and lift off and back out out the parking space. Then  went to the practice area and he proved how many mistakes I made. ( I have not flown since November .) It was fun anyway and then we went sight seeing. I saw a few land marks and then I saw where we were. 

  Alligator land  is quite a place to practice a low hover, It was a very fun flight and I just wish I had a GOPRO on my head. It was quite a sight. I did a 4 foot hover in front of over 100 gaiters. I asked what would we do if the engine failed, he said stay inside and call for help.

  It was a very fun ride and I will be back.



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  1. Hovering over 100 gators. Light entertainment, eh? Stay inside and call for help seems sound advice.