Friday, March 24, 2017

Went to Universal to Ride Coasters

  A visit to Universal was in order for exercise and distraction. The taxes are complete, but not yet filed. We are still in the 15% tax bracket and that is quite a relief for me. Nothing like some professional help to resolve some issues and all is OK with the IRS. 

  It was a breezy 77 degree day and I rode four roller coasters including my favorite in the first pic, the HULK. We walked just over seven miles and really enjoyed the day. 

  I am starting to like phone pics and someday may have a phone like my friend that has a camera on par with a DSLR. Then again I may lose it and it costs a fortune. This $19 phone is serving me well and if I lose long. 

  Kathy has Groupons for a Rubucon Jeep ride in Borrego Springs California and a Beer tour and a 8G acrobatic ride in a stunt plane for me. Yes, after a few more days inside Disney, we fly back out to the camper to spend another 10 nights on the beach. She is busy filling in all our days with fun things to be doing. Life with her is a good time.


  1. It sounds like you have a fantastic travel agent. Those are some great trips planned and you have done some nice stuff in Florida also. Speaking of camera phones I am thinking of doing my next blog post with all photos of the hounds taken with my iPhone instead of the Nikon. We will see. And .... it's always good to stay in the 15% tax bracket being retired.

  2. She enjoys finding deals on fun to do things. She was asking questions and checking weather before buying the 6 hour jeep ride. Our life is quite busy with fun things to do with her hobby. So you can see why I need a blog for myself to keep up with what we did.
    For outdoor snapshots this LG Zone 3 phone does well. Not very good in low light though. The park apps have more than paid for it, getting Fast Passes and my cousin introduced me to ' Waze ' a phone based interactive GPS for driving. It showed me a much better way to get back home from Universal and alerted me to cars on the side of the road and all speed limit changes and my violations. Very nice indeed. Far better than my Garman GPS at finding quick routes.
    Yes, I was sweating busting the 15% and having to pay taxes on dividends which would be a very bad thing for us. Some day the laws will change or I will have to take my last retirement and it will be 25% for us.

  3. Way to go Kathy. Wish I were as clever. I've looked at Groupon but never tried it. Whike I'm wishing, I Wish I were as good at taxes as you are or could find an honest adviser. We always end up paying in April even with our medical expenses and our income isn't even near 6 figures.