Sunday, April 9, 2017

A Groupon Day

Another Groupon adventure

  It was a Sunny cool day down here in Florida and there be alligators to be seen, along with Zebra and a few other exotic animals. We drove to the location kinda close to Disney World and it looked like the biggest tourist trap I'd seen in a long time. I found it to be a very interesting place to visit run by nice and helpful staff. We all enjoyed our time there on the farm.


  Many types of wine are sold and they have free tasting also. They have almost anything you might want in fruit and snacks, even good boiled peanuts.

Blenders make frozen wine and fruit juice yummy things

  The truck ride is interesting, but not amazing. We enjoyed it though and saw a great blue heron score a big fish. Gator sighting was kinda poor, I think we saw four, but the guide was witty and said the rest were at a convention at another pond they did not have access to.

  Plenty of fun signs around and lots of old farm machinery to look at.

Looks all mean and tough, yet powered by a Ford 370 CI bus engine

  Made it back to the Cabana in time to grill chicken for diner, good meal tonight. Laundry and packing being done as our house guest heads to the airport tomorrow morning. We spend a few days inside Disney and Kitty holds down the Cabana. Got to take advantage of this dry air.

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