Friday, April 28, 2017

City Steam Thawing Fire Hydrants

Kitty started drinking too much water

  At least we have working plumbing again for two days before we go on vacation. I should have just had it done the first day we noticed it. I paid $360 instead of $480, as I had got quote before price went up. Now it is charge what ever people will pay, as pipes are frozen all over the city. 

  It sure felt good to take a long hot shower and I will get in a few more before we fly out. That roughing it was kinda fun, but will not do that again. There is a chance it will be frozen when we get back from Hawaii, I sure am a winner at life sometimes.  I am amazed how used to utilities we have become, no water ARGH, no electricty ARGH, no gas ARGH, no sewer ARGH and now even no internet gets an ARGH. Spoiled is what we have become. 

  My young years were spent in a house with no bathroom and no running water. We had an out house and a bucket type shallow well. We did have electricity, though it was 30 amp 120 Vac. That ran lights and the radio and I thought we had it good.  When we moved to the city, all was different and I quickly changed into needing all it had to offer. Now I wonder if I could possibly ever go back.

 You may have seen on the news that Hawaii is in North Korea's sights. Now isn't that special. Before we left Florida the media had ideas about Alaska being within their reach. I may get to see a Nuclear explosion before I die yet. 

 Been back a week now and the snow has melted in my front yard, but my back yard is still about 6" deep under snow. The only excitement has been taking Kitty to the vet several times. Seems he now might have Diabetes, so I had to learn how to give shots. I was stunned at the cost of insulin $ 280 for 30 days worth. I looked online and see the price is up over a 1000% in the last few years, with humans taking the same drug, how can they afford it at the dose they need. He has been a good cat, but I am leaning towards time to put him down. Wifey does not agree at all. We may have to make a trip to Mexico to get his drugs next time. 


  1. It's always hard to decide when to put a pet down when ill, good luck to you. Yes you are right about the comforts of home. All of us are very fortunate with the electric grid and other modern technology in today's world. Have a nice trip to Hawaii.

  2. Thanks, I think we need another Vet to do tests and give opinion. The kitty's weight is still 14.3 pounds, like it has been for years. He got outside and got lost and very freaked out, hissing and growling at us. Something happened to him and then he started drinking tons of water and peeing a lot. The vet says he has a unairy tract infection and gave him a antibiotic shot for that. He is fairly calm now and I hope he comes out OK.

  3. He is very cute cat, I'm agree with Wifey