Sunday, April 23, 2017

Getting used to snow

  Been here 50 hours now. She was a very cold and then snowy Winter up here. Kitty is happy and we found the house in great shape.

This noisy beast flew over today

  Kathy has been to Zumba exercise class on base and I have been a slug so far. I visited a friend and drove around a bit, but otherwise stayed inside with the heat on.

  No sign of Spring yet. Melting snow and water puddles in the streets. The days start at 33 degrees and make it up close to 50, before cooling down again.

  I have a few trees to cut down and limbs to pick up, but we leave early Sunday for ten nights in Hawaii. So not starting any projects yet.



  1. Try as hard as you can to keep your focus when you are walking the beach in Hawaii. I know how hard that is. Maybe take pictures with you phone on your hip so 'they' don't see you pointing your camera at them as they walk by. That's a tough 10 days but someone has to do it. LOL

  2. Kathy wants me to take the Nikon 16-300, might pack along my reflector 500mm fixed beach stealth lens also. Very short, fat and light. Breakup is not my cup of tea, very dusty and trails too muddy to walk.

  3. it seems to the best time to travel to Hawaii. You have snow on the streets and then you will come back in 10 days and all the signs of spring will be evident. Have the best trip!
    Waiting for your next post about your adventures in Hawaii.

  4. Thanks for the comment Exotic Car, back in Alaska now and the snow is gone and trees are getting greener each day.