Saturday, April 15, 2017

Happy Easter

Life of the rich and famous at the South end of our island 

  Kathy had a unused Groupon for a boat tour of homes on the water at the South end of Merritt Island. So for $ 18 the two of us enjoyed two hours of house looking. There were animals to be seen also.

800 HP on a tiny 2 seat boat, love those props

  It was a wonderful 78 degree day and we both enjoyed the ride and views. It is amazing to see all the mansions on our island. Now I know why we have such a nice Home Depot and restaurants.

  After having a working $19 LG  phone with Waze for driving and Disney app for finding short lines, wifey decided she wanted one also. I chatted with Verizon help and they told me to get a Moto G4 for $ 28 and I would love it even more. I spent the afternoon setting it up and getting it on auto pay. It is bigger in size and the camera is way way better. It is also water resistant and that is a great thing. I have both phones on the 3 Gig a month with rollover and unlimited text and talk for $ 40 a month each. It is just an experiment to see if we can live with phone service that works and get used to having smart phones.

A Cormorant 

  The week was spent inside the parks and staying in the resort. Disney is super crowded with 8 to 14 year old kids now, very different than the 19 to 24 age kids at the start of Spring Break. I rode the Yetti roller coaster 8 times in a row and could have done 20 times, but was getting too bumped around to enjoy it any more. Kathy enjoyed a spa day, when I had to leave Disney for a doc appointment and spend time with Mr Kitty. It was a very enjoyable week for us.

 The doc put me back on Uloric after a short break to see what my natural uric acid levels were. I stay at 10 and need to be less than 6, so it was a good test and now I know they will be taken the rest of my life.

  Nice to look at, but I am happy to just have a roof over my head and a comfy bed. I know my limitations.

Dolphin comes up for air

  Forgot to mention, we saw CIRQUE DU SOLEIL La Nouba for the second and last time this week. It is closing for good at the end of the year. This is an amazing show to see and if you are near Disney, go watch it. We had front row seats this time and the very top row last time. Both are great, there is a lot going on at the same time and being close you miss some of it. 

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