Wednesday, April 5, 2017

It was a great Vacation!

Anza Borrego Park

  Back at the Cabana on a hot muggy afternoon. We got back at 1 AM and took a while to unwind from the flight. I got grocery basics, farmers market and filled car with gas and got it washed. It needed a half of a quart of oil also, as it has developed a valve cover seep. Dang it, they are a chore to change on this V6 squeezed into a tiny space. May be a dealer fix next Winter.

 Not even unpacked yet and Kathy has picked up her friend at the airport to stay with us a week or so. The weather is going to cool off tomorrow and stay that way a while. This is the swamp before a cold front, thought they would be over by now. 

Our Alaska yard has about three feet of snow on it according to my neighbor who called. Hope it is gone by the 20th when we get there.

Scott was acrobatic instructor when he got this job, lucky dude.

  That Airshow ride is still on my mind and I want many more. A outside loop is a lot more exciting than I thought it would be. Gotta do more. They are a great place to do the rare flight. I recommend them 100%. I plan to be back for another ride in late September.

As addicting as Crack Cocaine 

  We had many fun day trips and really enjoyed this vacation. The Desert Bloom is something to see and I had no allergy problems. 

1994 Winnebago Adventurer with 69, 435 miles 

  Will this play?


  1. That looks like a FANTASTIC vacation !! Your RV is looking good also. Hmmm, 15 days to get rid of the snow??? Better hang out in FL another week or so. You're retired, what's the hurry? LOL

  2. The hurry is due to greed on our part. Wifey would lose COLA and we would lose home tax reduction and we would both loose Perm Fund of $1000 a year. Adds up to enough to play by the rules. We came down early this year for her aunt's 90th birthday and family gathering. Next year will be back to normal schedule Nov 18 to May 5 give or take a few days. Thanks for the nice comment.

    1. That plane really looked like one that would be a thrill to fly.