Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Sewer Pipe Frozen

  This was a very cold Winter before the protective snow came, so it caused the worst frozen sewer pipes seen in a long time according to a major pipe thawing company. They want $ 480 to open pipe and think it might very well freeze up again when we return from our trip.

Pics are from MOAB Utah area last Fall.

  So....I suggested we use a 5 gallon bucket like we both did when we traveled to some native villages in Alaska. She said "NO Honey Bucket", so it will be trips to Mc Donald's when the urge hits. It has not been a problem yet, but I remember other years and it gets old quick. Time will tell what we do.

  It has been Doc appointments and other necessary scheduled appointments getting done since we are back home. Nothing very exciting and my walks around the neighborhood are keeping me active enough. 

  My $ 19 pre paid phone expires today. Chat sessions had told me it would not happen, but got a message it will.  I tried to get it renewed today but failed. It makes no sense to me that a good phone has to be thrown away after two months, due to government program that made it available. We have been using it as a hot spot the last two days trying to use up all the paid for data. I had kinda got attached to it. UPDATE: VERIZON error, phone is OK to keep, still works.

  So it will be life without any internet for a while again. These pics sure look better than my views up here, still no sign of Spring and snow is in  the forecast this week.


  1. I would not be able to handle your weather this late in the year. After having another mild winter in Southern Indiana, I still can't handle the thought of snow. I am not a contractor so probably pretty dumb in this area, but to me it would seem that sewer pipes would be too large to freeze. What's the diameter of them? I have a septic system here outside of town so the only sewer pipes I have seen is the main on under my house going to the septic tank.

    Hawaii will be that much nicer when you arrive.

  2. It is a concrete pipe about 4" or 6" in Diameter and it always freezes under the street where it connects to the street main. It has happened three times before and they blast it out with hot water pumped through a water jet hose. I do not understand just how the frost line moves up and down and causes the problem. The pipe is about five feet underground at the house and ten feet at the street connection. Sunday needs to get here soon.

  3. It's not the frost line moving in some cases, but more about what kind of fill is surrounding the pipe. I fixed a friends house at a ski resort in the northeast. The sewer line would freeze repeatedly right where it left the house. By checking a cleanout, it was obvious that it was deep enough, so I started digging and found that it was buried in clean 2" rock that had zero dirt or fine gravel mixed in. The large rocks, with large air gaps around them, made a poor insulator and allowed frost to go down below the normal 42-48" for the area. By removing topsoil to a depth of 9" or so, and covering the rock with a "blanket" of 1" sheets of blue styrofoam, then recovering with dirt, the problem was solved.

    My excavating contractor did a frozen water line job feeding a large shopping center in the same area. The pipe should of been fine, since it was eleven feet down, but it frozen where it was located under bare paving, and located in large gravel, with no dirt fill above. Similar to your situation, frost was down less than four feet in the ground, and 11-12 feet down in clean gravel.

    1. Thank You Very Much! My neighbor and I have same problem. Always in early Spring when snow is melting.