Saturday, April 8, 2017

When Norcold runs on LP, but not AC, shop Amazon

  While on our mini vacation on the beach, our reliable Norcold fridge would not run on AC. It worked great on propane and that is how I used it for a few days. Being tired after our trip and setting up camper and going to San Diego Wild Animal Park and making it back for wine at the Tiki on the beach for Sunset, I slept well. The next day my fixit mind started working and I got out the multimeter and went to work finding what was wrong.

Charming to visit and yummy to eat frozen yogurt and dip ice cream place on Main St Titusville

  After thinking it trough, I checked AC power to control box, OK. Then removed leads to the ammonia heater and ohmed the leads to see 23 ohms, OK. That left two possible parts. The control box or the selector panel inside on top of the fridge. 

Saturn IV and later Space Shuttle launch pads

  We had an IPad with us but no internet service, so we could go to Mc D for internet or come up with a better idea. It dawned on my rusty mind, that I had a company IPhone back in the day and used it for WiFi for my laptop. Now if I could remember how I did it, perhaps my $19 pre pay phone would do the same. I first thought, call one of the IT super brains I worked with, then thought no, they would think I was now senile. I was determined to solve this myself and once started, it was easy and Verizon was great for net surfing. Wifey had never used a phone as a hot spot and was amazed I knew such things. I contacted Norcold and got confirmation that my trouble shooting had narrowed down the problem and the guy told me the part number for the card I needed. The black control box was just a big cover over a tiny circuit card. I could buy it from them or best to find on Amazon. So armed with part number I found it on Amazon and ordered it to be shipped FedX. It came two days later and was an easy install and fixed my problem.

Cover removed and circuit card behind to the left.

  I also did not cover the cool new beach sand trash remover the Marines got. It appears to work great and dumps the trash into a standard trash dumpster, fun to watch.

  That was a fun trip and it reconfirmed we are ten night camper people. Longer than that and it starts to get small for us. We learned this years ago and that is why we are Snow Birds.

The bucket on the rear opens a dumpster and empties itself, way cool
  All pics from $ 19 cell phone. The last one was cropped and you can see the low resolution. Just been beach walks and micro brew beers for me.


  1. I'm glad to see your have extended your diet to 'micro' brew beers ... some claim that size matters.

  2. Oh wow! I love this yogurt!

    You had very cozy vacation

    1. Are you a Titusville local?

      Thanks for the comment.

    2. No, I just visited it while travelling the USA