Monday, April 3, 2017

Zoo. Micro brew tour. Concert. Great day

  Just another day in Paradise.  Wake up with the Bird's chirping and then watch the tiki views of the Beach. That makes a happy wife, but it just the start of a long great day.

  The Groupon Queen had the day planned. We had way more fun than I thought possible for less than $ 50.

  She met a twenty something girl who was using a Groupon also, instant soulmates for
Living life on a budget.

  Sunrise now and a hundred or so Marines running past the camper, soon it will be tanks and anphibs rumbling by. Yesterday was fun and play, but today will be camper stuff and walks on the beach.

 Tomorrow we store the camper and drive to the airport for our return to the Cabana. It sure has been a fun West Coast get away.

 The campground has been full, mostly 5th wheels, but a lot of new looking diesel pushers.


  1. That's a hard area to pack up and leave. I miss that smell of ocean salt in the air.

  2. And what did the Groupon Queen plan for less than $50? I think she's amazing. Safe travels.

    1. Brewery tour with all you could drink, two nice mugs also. Then fine diner in Coronado. She got my amazing plane ride for $ 280. I met two other young Groupon users today, living nice for less.