Thursday, May 25, 2017

A Sunny Day

As we looked at clouds, my friend took this pic of Denali, from an A Star 350 helicopter

  Anchorage had a Sunny nice day and we enjoyed it. Then rain and a clear afternoon today. My friend Shaun came over after work and helped me change the belt on my 1995 Caravan. It is a bear of a job for one person. It was a lot of work for two and he is a mechanic.

 Picked up my brother and his wife at the airport. They will be spending a week with us, hope they see some Sunshine during their stay. It was Sunny at ten PM when we drove home, I told them to look at all the mountains now as they might not see them again.


  1. Changing that belt reminded me what a hassle it is getting to and getting the oil filter off on some of my vehicles. Makes it worth paying Speedee Lube. I don't even mess with the belts. A job for the professionals.

  2. Shaun was shocked that there was not a map of the belt path. Had to look up on IPhone, as we had extra belt and could not see the pulley we had missed. I have everything done at dealer in Florida, but up here I have a garage and tools for most things. It gives me something to do anyway.

    1. For sure you need a schematic for the serpentines. Anymore when I take something apart I take pictures first, especially wiring. I did that with the tractor solenoid to be sure I rewired the new one in correctly. Old age memory.