Sunday, May 28, 2017

Do Nothing Day

  Today was a watch movie and drink beer day.  Low clouds and chilly temps found me watching my neighbor mow his perfect lawn. I was thankful I had not used fertilizer this year. So my yard is still a nice brown and that is fine with me. Winter is still hanging around and the plants know it.

Fiddle Head Ferns 

  It is nice to see snow on the mountains behind our home. This weather reminds me of the early 1990's and I suspect a long rainy Summer is ahead.

Portage Lake

  Hope everyone has a safe Memorial Day Weekend. 


  1. Our yard in town looked like that. I told my wife it was a public service so guys could drive by and tell their wives, "see dear, ours doesn't look that bad."

  2. Doing my park to help. 21 degrees here at the house this morning, glad we took the hanging baskets inside.