Friday, May 12, 2017

Jumping Orcas

A mirage seen today
  Today was an amazing clear and warm day for Seward Alaska. We went on a four hour pre-paid, two for one whale viewing cruise. It was on an enclosed catamaran with Kenai Fiords, a very good company to use. There were Orca whales out the kazoo since fish were also.

  The water was smooth and no rocking of the boat, yet liberal Kathy got ill. She got over it quickly when the man put on a jacket and kept it on.

  It was a really great day and quite a mind bender considering we were walking on the beach in Waikiki so few hours before. Today was glaciers and snowy mountains with a perfect blue sky.

Pic shot from hip, Orca came completely out of the water, amazing 

  After the tour we walked 2.5 miles for exercise and then I had my 1st pizza since last July. Black olives and mushrooms on a thin crisp crust, yummy. I had wanted my meal at my favorite Italian place in Seward, alas I was glad I did. The owners sold it last October and for now they still make pizza like it was, but the oven and cook have been sold to another place and everything will be different before the Summer tourist get here.

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