Monday, May 8, 2017

Pearl Harbor Again

Worked on the F 104 in my early 20's. They still fly today.

  I wanted to revisit all the museums and hopefully take better pics. I started at 7 am and was there until mid afternoon.

  It was a good day and not too crowded. People were nice and in their own world, until I went into the sub that is. I crossed paths with a real jerk. He tried to get in without paying, after cutting in line ahead of me. His wife got it paid and tried to calm situation. I quickly moved ahead in order to look at sub and take pics.

  I was at the communications station and enjoying figuring out what was what. He came in, loud and giving a tour to about ten people. I an not an expert on WWII Fleet sub's, but know more than most tourists. This guy was clueless and making shit up as he went.

  I quickly moved ahead and so did he. So then I got behind his group, so I could get some pics. One of his followers saw me and asked a technical question. So I answered it correctly and in detail.

  The shit hit the fan. The man from Canada informed everyone I was wrong and not to listen to me. I did not correct him, but his wife sure did. The group of tourist stayed with me and the jerk left the sub. I gave them the best tour I could and they had a lot of technical questions. They thanked me for my time and effort.

  The jerk's wife talked to me later in the museum. He is not Canadian and was in the Navy two weeks, before being dismissed. I wished her the best in life and thanked her. Dang amazing for me.

  There was a fun ride back to the hotel with a local for $5. Back streets etc for local color, very fun. Then a fine diner and a great comedy show.

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