Sunday, June 25, 2017

Enjoyed Midnite Sun In Fairbanks

  Kathy the vacation planner decided Solstice would be more fun farther North. She also knew I would not be going there in August as I would be in Idaho trying to see the eclipse. So reservations were made after weather checked ok.

  We left the low clouds and rain behind and had a nice low traffic 360 mile drive to the hotel. Since it was chilly and raining when we left, I did not pack any shorts. That was a mistake as the temp was 84 degrees when we got there.  It stayed very warm until after 1 AM. We enjoyed bright Sunshine at midnite and enjoyed an early morning walk in the daylight.

  The next day was a long walk around the farm where Sandhill Crane's come to hang out in late Summer. There were a few there, but it is way early to see the hundreds that come in August. After that, we took the tour of the Fountainhead Auto Museum. It has about 78 running cars from 1878 to 1942. I love that place. Then we ate and went back to Pioneer Park in the daytime.

  My trusty yet heavy Nikon D-7200 started to fail that day. It had a charged battery and I have never removed the lens since I got the body. Yet when I went to take a pic of a bird, it appeared the mirror was half way up. I pressed the shutter release and and then camera powered off. It would not power back up, so I removed the battery for a few minutes and put it back in. The camera powered up and took pictures, but the same thing happened four more times that day.

  These photos were all taken with that camera and it has been used several more days without incident. I am concerned though since I will be taking it on a once in a lifetime ( for me anyway ) trip to Easter Island in the Fall. I may have to get a new body and if so, it will be a D-3300 or D-3400. They weigh a lot less and have the same resolution which is important for making metal prints to hang on the wall.

  I do like these Yukon riverboats as they could float in just a few feet of water. There is also one in Whitehorse Canada. 

  These boats burned firewood which was supplied by villages along the river, so most of it was Spruce.

  She looks like a paint job and TLC is in order soon.


  1. Looks like another great trip planned by your 'travel agent'. Nothing more frustrating than having camera problems. You might find a Nikon forum for that model of camera and see if anyone else is having the same issues.

  2. Thanks, good idea as my warranty from Nikon expired two days ago. Perhaps it is time for me to start believing in ferries and trolls also. I will keep using it daily and hope it fails hard before vacation. A shop can't fix what they can't find.