Friday, June 16, 2017

Housing Costs 2016

  I keep track of all spending and housing is our largest bill. Slowly but surely the cost is going up. Insurance is the big culprit and it always goes up. So when all costs are added, water, electricity, gas, taxes, trash, insurance, yard care and repairs, we spent 25,197.32 last year. It comes out to $ 2099.88 a month. That is for both houses Alaska and Florida. 

  Today was an intense 3 hour walk on the coastal trail. It was a great day for it, Sunny and 65 degrees. The trail is below the road most of the time and very quiet except for bird tweets. This is my preferred walking path due to the views and few people. We only saw three bikes and no walkers today. 

  It was too late to go to the range after the walk, so it is the agenda tomorrow. Two hours at the range and then a short walk to enjoy another Sunny cool day.

 Still daylight at 11:32 PM


  1. Wow that is seriously inexpensive for two houses with everything included. No wonder you can travel so much. Nice!

    1. Low house costs was an important part of our early retirement planning. It allows us to play within our means. Thanks for the comment.