Sunday, June 11, 2017

Recon For Future Cabin Stay

  Today wifey decided I need to do Cardio Exercise again. So like last Summer, we drove to Eklutna Lake and started our hike. Most of it is four wheeler road and other than up and down, easy walking. Then we got to the hike part, rocks, roots, etc. It is 7 miles round trip. But I wanted to know if my water and firewood trailer would be able to make the trip. I saw now problems.  

  She has made a reservation and be it rain or snow or sun, we will spend two nights on the lake. The view above is from the front porch of the cabin. No one was there so we checked it out. Not as nice as Barber, but has wood bunks and table and wood stove. The view is awesome.

  This was also a test of a pair of hiking boots I had used but could not remember if I liked or not. I now think they will be lawn mowing boots.

The city drinking water reservoir is might low this year 

  So that walk kicked my butt. Now we are home and had dinner and watched some Hollywood awards show on TV. The kitty is happy and the home is warm. Life is pretty good today.

  It is still twilight at midnight. Th magic of Summer in Alaska.

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