Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Setup My New Wireless Printer

  I just noticed tonight that my last post was messed up and I can't correct it. It appears I made a mistake with the trailer pic and it links everything afterward.

 Today was Sunny and nice for a trip to Costco for passport photos and a few other items. Our home printer had failed and I cold not make it work anymore, so a nifty wireless HP 6958 Office Jet printer came home with us.

 Setup took a short time and Kathy is happy to be able to print from her Ipad and I can print from my laptop. I asked about refills and it is $ 10 for the black. It basically costs the price of the printer for a new color set. We only need to print forms etc, so black is the color we use most.

 I slept most of the day as phone calls kept waking me up last night. I will be turning off the ringer tonight. These were on our land line we have kept. It is handy and some old friends only have that number to contact us. However, most calls are from poll takers, wrong numbers etc.

 The weather forecast looks nice for the next five days so some walks will happen.

 The yard is starting to green up a bit and I may have to mow it on one of these Sunny days. I have not been in the mood for yard work with all the mosquitoes looking for blood out there. 

19 hours and 18 minutes of daylight today.

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