Sunday, June 4, 2017

Survived Wifey's Hike To Cabin

  Still alive after Kathy's fun trip into nature. She had booked a National Forrest Cabin about six months ago, that is required to stay in one. It is the only easy to walk into cabin they have and was built for that reason. It is called Barber Cabin and is named after a man who had it built for less physical people to enjoy nature.

  I asked a park ranger and found that most people use a cart or something to bring out their firewood and water, etc. I got this Gorilla Wagon from Home Depot for $ 80 and it was worth every penny. It has air inflated big tires and can carry hundreds of pounds easy. The pic above is on the way out and I had made a stop to reattach my load. The trail is good and those tires were great on the deep pea gravel spots.

A  Six-mile day hike kept us active and added cardio exercise to the trip

  There is no electronic communication and no people come by as the cabin is about a mile off the main trail. A very quiet cold peaceful place to get away for a few days. The mornings were in the high teens and it would warm up to about fifty before the Sunset behind the steep mountain and it would quickly cool off again. All the days were Sunny and clear while we were on our mini vacation.

  The cabin has four wood beds and a table for four to eat and a counter to prepare/cook food if you bring a camp stove. There is an iron wood burning stove to heat the cabin if you bring your own wood. The forest service no longer provides wood and anything that will burn within a half mile has been used already. I took one of those bundles of campfire wood from the grocery store. I also had a case of bottled water. Our food was bread and PB after cold food ran out. There was cheese and crackers and chocolate for snacks.  We had three backpack dehydrated meals also, just in the event we had to stay longer.

The Falls hike

  It was a most enjoyable way to get exercise and enjoy nature. Parking is limited as this is a trailhead for many hikes. The cabin is a three-mile two-hour cardio walk. The trail goes up for 1.5 miles and is level kinda for 1/4 mile and then downhill to the lake, which is 550 feet higher than the parking lot. It is nicer to do in the early morning cool air.

  All pics with Moto G4 phone. No way I was packing in a heavy camera.


  1. Looks like a fantastic place to spend time. That phone you have takes good pictures.

  2. It is a peaceful place to enjoy being alive. I was impressed by the pics also. With airplane mode on, the battery lasts a week. Hard to think of it as a throw away.

  3. The pictures are good and airplane mode very smart. This is so right down my alley. Remote with a real bed. Although if it's right by trail head parking, how many people were around? Kathy is a genius. What park is the cabin in? Love the cart. Does it fold up? Great post!

    1. Thank You for the nice comment. It is very remote, but the bed is a bunk bed size strong wood platform that you put an air mattress or sleeping bag on. We were very comfy with new blow up KLYMIT sleeping pads and -60 degree bags we already had. I do highly recommend the KLYMIT Large pad after three pain free nights on it, Kathy is impressed also. They travel in a tiny stuff sack and actually fold and roll to fit easily back into it.
      It is three miles down a valley and around a hill from the road and parking lot. Absolute quiet not even airplanes. Parking is hard to find since it is a multi trail start point, but the cabin is .7 miles off a main trail and over a small hill, so no one came by. It kinda has to be your destination.
      I feel Kathy is a genius also, but she married me 34 years ago so I do wonder sometimes.
      Kenai State Park.
      After I learned people use carts to haul heavy stuff to the cabin, I started looking online and found this cart which is similar to one I had used on a job and liked. The four sides fold down to load or store. With all sides down and the handle folded under it does not take up a lot of space. It does not fold in half or anything like that since it is a heavy duty wagon. The price was right also. Thanks again Sherry.

    2. Correction to my reply: Barber Cabin is in the Chugach National Forrest. Barber Cabin is located off of the Russian Lakes Trail and is 3.4 miles from the trailhead at Russian River Campground. Turn onto Barber Cabin spur trail at mile 2.5.
      Occupancy of Forest Service cabins is by permit only. Reservations may be made up to 180 days in advance by calling (877)444-6777 toll free, (518)885-3639 for overseas or via internet at