Saturday, June 17, 2017

Tested My Solar Viewer

   This is a pic of the Sun through my new Solar Viewer. Nikon D-7200 300mm set to infinity manual, but camera left on auto.

  I had ordered them ahead of time so I could check them out and also have them on hand when I get ready for my trip to Idaho to view the Total Eclipse of the Sun in August.

  They are shade 14 welders glass bonded into a cardboard holder/shade.  It adds a green tint, but most gold plated lens do. I did not like the sharp edges of cardboard, so I went around it with clear postal packing tape. Now it feels great and quick to bleed me will not get a paper cut. 

  Still using my phone as our internet source and it works great unless I take a call. Not many people call me anymore, text seems to be more popular.

  I took my paper hole puncher to the range yesterday. My friend Pete joined me as a spotter and technical assistant.  There was a minor problem with the scope mount and now it is on tight with ' Lock-Tite.'  At the range, Pete kept it tight and I was able to put 20 rounds inside the 1-inch square at 100 yards sitting and using a padded block for forearm support, after all adjustments were done. It was a fun two hours on a clear Sunny day and we both enjoyed the view of the Alaska Range in the distance. 

  Now I will have to go back and sight it in again, but I enjoy doing it. This gun has such light recoil I rest my nose on the charging handle. The Match barrel is heavy and I think that is why it has no recoil. Very fun to shoot.


  1. Wow, flying to Idaho to see the eclipse. Now that's fine. I think I've only been on one plane in the last 10 years. You must fly that many times or more in one year.

  2. ' You flew your Learjet to Nova Scotia to see the total eclipse of the Sun.'
    I will be in First class on Alaska Airlines to Salt Lake City then drive to motel in Idaho to see the total eclipse of the Sun. Not quite the guy Carly Simon sang about, but a happy guy anyway.

  3. Are you able to make out sunspots?

    1. No, not yet anyway. I need to spend more time learning the best setting for a Sun pic.

  4. want to see Sun pics too! :)

  5. Thanks for comment, I will try more Sun shots and try to get better at it.