Sunday, June 11, 2017

The Absorbing Cycle RV Refrigerator

Thanks to Norcold for drawing
  I was asked how an RV fridge works by a friend and this drawing always helps, so I put it here for anyone wondering how heat makes thing cold. Someday I may do a post on an office building chiller, it is mind blowing simple, yet magical.

  Been enjoying movies again since I got the phone back in service. They ported my old carrier phone number over to my phone today. I checked and my dumb phone no longer has service, so I have it powered off for now. I will have to move a few needed numbers over to the free phone someday. It is an LG Zone 3 and not much bigger than my dumb phone and it fits in my short pants phone pocket.

  I decided to get an M-4 rifle for target shooting and did not want to pay a lot, so I found one on Alaska List ( kinda like Craigs List. ) Kathy was not too happy with me making a deal over text and meeting someone in a grocery store parking lot with cash for an unknown gun. We rode together and with another text, a guy I had never seen, got out with a brand new M-4 and allowed me to inspect it. I gave him the $370 and he counted it and said thank you. We each got back in our cars and left. I have bought many guns this way, but it was a first for Kathy. She was so suspicious.

  I like my mini 14, but for 100-yard fun, it is hard to beat a Stoner AR 15 M-4. My scope is ordered and should be here next week. Looking forward to sighting it in and hanging with Pete.

  Anchorage is looking like Spring now. Lilacs smelling nice and flowers blooming. My yard is still brown, hope it stays that way a while longer. It has been a lot of light rain and mosquitos are out en masse. 

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