Thursday, July 13, 2017

8 miles in 3 hours made me tired

  Today was a break from low clouds and rain and it made it over 70 degrees. We did a couple errands and drove out to our favorite lake walking trail. Fortunately, it was a windy day and that kept the biting bugs grounded. We started with a six-mile cardio workout walk, but it morphed into an ass kicking eight miles in a three-hour walk. After an hour we were able to eat our peanut butter sandwiches, but neither of us wanted dinner. We drove home and took off our dirty clothes and took long hot showers. I am writing this just before bed.

  I packed light and these pics were with my Moto 4 G. I did take my new toy along, but too tired to play with it tonight. I finally got a GoPro Hero 5 Session which is a tiny 1.5 inch square. It records 60fps video for 17.5 minutes per file and most of all it has great video stabilization. It will record for an hour provided you stop at 17 min and restart a new file. I made a lot of 2 minute videos. On this walk, I just kept it in my hand and it has one button quick push to start recording. It can be completely controlled by my Moto 4G via bluetooth.


  1. We too just got a GoPro Hero 5 but it's still in the box and I haven't opened it yet. I'm still trying to decide on a smartphone and interesting to read you have a Moto 4G. I've been looking at those.

  2. You will enjoy watching your video on TV. My first recording was with head strap and driving to library at 40 mph. It records at 30 FPS and TV shows at 60 FPS so it looked like a 'Benny Hill' drive. Once you download the Connect App to operate it from your phone, you can change FPS and MM of lens. I keep mine wide angle and 30 FPS as it grabs a lot and uses less memory. The battery last about an hour if using it and yes it does get very hot if used over 15 minutes at a time. Same goes for charging. I am very happy with the stabilization they now have. PS. the battery lasts much longer with blue tooth turned off. Just push round button to start recording and push again to stop. Have fun. I highly recommend the moto 4G for the long lasting battery and quite decent camera.

  3. High tech. A YouTube channel in your future?

    1. Have given it some thought, but fear my antics would land me in trouble.