Monday, July 31, 2017

Denali Backcountry Adventure II

  This pic was shot thru a dirty shuttle window, yet shows a young male Moose. He will have a life of drinking beer and fighting over women, kinda the same as some young men.

  We were given a $ 190 cabin which was a major upgrade from what the tour included. We slept well for too few hours and had to be ready to get on a nice Thomas Bus to spend our day seeing animals of all types and mountains I had yet to see from the ground anyway. This bus ride is far better than the National park bus ride. These guys find all the animals and serve hot cocoa and cookies. It is a 97-mile drive down a dirt road to the runway at the other end. That is where their lodge is located next to a river from Wonder Lake. 

  The Lodge and air service and bus and cabins and more are owned by the same company. It is the top notch way to see Denali Park. I asked for the price to stay at the lodge in the middle of nowhere and it rounded to $ 600 a night. Kinda worth it if you really need to be away from cell phones and contrails and people.

  What you see above is dirt and grass growing on ice from a glacier. That whole valley floor is ice.

   An old bull moose. He has a big hump on his back.

  Many animals were seen from the bus. It will stop, but you can not get out for a better picture. 

   Today was being back home and getting mail and groceries. Normally I never see any old coworkers when out doing things, but today I was called by name twice in two places by old co-workers from two different jobs. The first one remembered me very well and I did not recall him. Guess my mind is going or I am that noteworthy. He passed along that my old boss from that job died last month. We were the same rank, but he put his on first and he was section NCOIC. We were about the same age and I recall he was a fun guy to work with, bummer.  The next guy to call my name was a flight scheduler from an air cargo job I had. He wanted to know who I was flying for now. I explained that my wife and I had retired from all work in 2011. I did confirm I miss being in a cockpit, but it is better to fly for fun than a job.



  1. Great pictures of the moose. I never see my old co-workers nor hear from them. I was told by a retired friend that is normal after you retire. You have something they don't ... freedom.

  2. Thanks for the complement, D-7200 on auto. I still do not have or use a photo shop, thankfully the camera will crop a photo. The bird ( forgot what he was ) pic had arms and cameras on the sides and I was able to finagle the buttons on the camera to fix that. I have turned into a very low tech guy after a work life in high tech.
    Freedom: A big issue with some people having to retire. I heard about that twice yesterday also, it is a worry on two guys minds.