Saturday, July 22, 2017

Did not make it above the tree line

  The pic above is the Sun. It was taken with Nikon D-7200 at 300mm ISO 100 1/500 sec with a white light filter attached. The pic below at 1/125 sec. I am trying different settings and hope to have myself dialed in soon. I wanted the professional filter yet did not have $ 1600 sitting around to be spent. So I got the $ 13 eclipse special. It is cardboard and thin silver coated plastic. You may see many photo attempts.

  I got two since they looked flimsy and I figured I would break one.

Available on Amazon 

  So that has been my outside playing for today, yard mowing got delayed. It is not like there are not a lot of chores to be done, I am just beyond lazy.

  Yesterday was my first attempt in over 20 years to hike to the top of the Eklutna Twin Peaks trail. I used to do it weekly just to stay in hiking shape. Now I only made it to the old car in the woods. I did not take bug spray and the flies were driving me nuts. I was also wearing jeans and it was a warm day. So even though my goal was not met, I called it quits and walked down. My pants, shirt, and hat were soaked with sweat and it took 3 hours to do, we only made it about a thousand feet up the hill. The hike levels out a lot later on and is 2.6 miles long with an 1800 foot gain. You start at 1500 feet elevation you can drive to. The State Parks Department lists it as difficult. I knew I would have to try it weekly for a month before being in shape to get to the top. I really thought I would make it above the tree line though. 


  1. Excellent try on something you did 20 years ago. 20 years makes a lot of difference and the fact that you are in shape to get in shape to do it is great! Congrats!! I too am a member of the Beyond Lazy Club. Shall we call ourselves the BLCers? I'd much rather hike or play with filters than mow the grass, clean the house, do the dishes or anything else like that.

    1. Wow! A club that will fit my schedule, BLC is for me. Thanks BLCer.