Sunday, July 16, 2017

Hung out with old friend today

Fresh Overhauled Lycoming O-360 engine 180 hp

  I awoke very early for me and gave my early riser friend a call. He was shocked I was awake and asked if I was free for the day. Yes, I was. So he picked me up and we drove 60 miles to his other house and hanger. He wanted to deliver a part for a mechanic to install on his airplane.

1957 Cessna 172 with Continental O-300 engine 145 hp 

  Cliff decided to upgrade his old yet fun to fly C 172. He now has all the parts and paperwork to make the engine change. I myself love the smooth running six cly O-300. Anyway, it appears I will not get a plane ride with him this Summer.

  I walked around his hanger and snapped a few pics with my phone. It is pretty junky, but a lot of cool toys in there.

Model B John Deere 

Tiny piston bore and giant valves on 2 cly pony motor

  Hope I am around when they get this Cat D-4 ready to start.

  I enjoyed my time with him as he ran errands and now just spending time in my man cave. 


  1. Garage time is always a good time. You had lots to explore.

    1. Sure did and except for one airplane and the Cat, they all run. What I thought was a drill press is actually a vertical mill, that is a handy tool to have.