Thursday, July 6, 2017

New grill and flower pics

Purchased on closeout sale July 4th for $135

  My grill I had bought in 1996 had finally failed. I had replaced the burner and heat/grease shield three times over the years. Amazon always had parts for it, but not the gas control and so it was useless now. We considered going without a grill, as it only gets used about once a week.

  They loaded the assembled grill into our old van and I got it out and set up. It had not been planned, but we barbecued on the 4th after all. It was very quiet this year as we were the only family on street for the holiday and we were staying home. I had hung my flags and that was all I did for the 4th.

  Summer is here and wildflowers are in bloom now.

    I have two days left in this phone billing cycle and have used just over 103 Gig of data on my hot spot watching movies on all these rainy days we have had. The Sun is out now and I will be outside as much as possible, so I doubt much more data will be used. If I understand the bill correctly, I am paying $ 124 a month for two smartphones on one unlimited plan. The high-speed internet is great.

  All flower pics were taken in neighbors yards as I go out each day to see if my camera will fail again. So far it works as advertised. Not a lot else going on in our lives, Kathy mailed the package to get out Brazil Visa for our trip in November. I have gained a lot of weight since February and for last month holding 220 dressed to fly. I know larger portion size and less exercise is the reason, so I am trying to slowly get back to where I was before when I was losing weight. My BP is still about 117 over 69 with a pulse of 93 after a thirty-minute workout on a fitness machine we have.

  That is all from our neck of the woods.


  1. Real good deal on that grill.

  2. Yes it was, best price I found for a well built name brand grille with a cast iron cooking grate. With all three burners on low, the cooking temp stays at 350 degrees. I think I like this grille.

    1. I can smell the bbq ribs from here.