Tuesday, August 15, 2017

8 Squirrels gone another sitting on trap

  I am going nutty with these squirrels. Eight are gone and I still have them in my attic. As I was talking to my brother today, another squirrel climbed all over the cage trying to get inside. I had left it locked.

 UPDATE: Squirrel 9 has been relocated.

Kathy trying her new camera

  She likes the very light weight and small size of the FZ-80. It will take a while to get good with it and she has time.

  We needed a walk and this 3 mile strole along the Costal Trail on a Sunny afternoon was just what we needed. Lots of people were out for the great weather.

  I only did the basic setup, time date etc on the camera and all pics in auto mode.

  Tomorrow I start packing for my short mini trip to spend time with Nephew Dave.

  I will be taking my Solar Viewer along.....

  Now an example of the zoom on this camera. 20mm to 1200mm.

  Anchorage from the port side.

  It was a hazy kinda day as these pics show. 

  The nightly news is on and yet another home invasion has occurred, way too many of those happen in this city. A home robbery is bad, but having armed people break into your home and take you hostage is terrible. Not much chance of staying alive unless you fight back quickly. 

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