Sunday, August 6, 2017

Anchorage Car Show

  We went to the annual Park Strip classic auto show on this fine day.  There were a lot of cars I had seen before but many I had never seen. There were over a hundred cars there. UPDATE: News says over 500 displays.

  I never finished my Denali posts, but got busy with life. Nothing worth posting, just doing things that took up all my time. I did try to read others posts and leave comments though.

  My Squrrelanator has been a failure. I came home to find a squirrel on top of the trap trying to break in. I will try different bait, they do not go for bird seed, but the Jays ate the seeds I left out and luckily did not get caught.

  My scope broke on my AR-15 hole puncher so I am back to iron sights like back in the military.

  I ordered Kathy a camera to learn to use before she goes on vacation. I chose the Lumix FZ-80. It weighs about 1/4 of what my Nikon weighs and has a 20mm to 1200mm lens with image stabilization. It can shoot a short burst of 30 FPS and a long burst of 10 FPS and it came with a 64G SD card. Being super light it has a tiny battery and limits it to 300 shots per charge. Fortunately, Kathy does not have photo diarrhea like me. It came and I charged the battery and set up the basics. I am amazed at the zoom and quality of pictures it takes. This is a $ 400 do everything light weight camera. I should have taken it to the car show, but it is her camera, not mine. 

  My neighbors have not started packing their camper yet and they had planned to be on the road for Oregon by 1 August. Seems some doc appointments came up and pushed launch date back. That meant he was at the car show with his MG A today. It is somewhat of a beater, yet looks good. He got it as a teen and drove it to school and college and then drove it when he visited his parents. He is 66 now and has it up here to drive on nice days.

  The Kitty has a vet appointment tomorrow to have his blood sugar checked every hour all day. I could have done it they said, but I did not him want to hate me forever.


  Some people will give anyone a ride.

  I was happy to see a lot of the late 60's muscle cars there. 

Not much ground clearance for turns on this beauty.

  I had never seen a FACTORY FIVE before, this one is powered by a Subaru WRX engine in the middle connected to a Porche type transaxle. I also do not recall seeing a real Pantera before. 


  1. I remember that '69 Hurst AMC Rambler (aka Scrambler). Most guys scoffed when AMC came out with it. It was, after all, a "Rambler." But, with that 390 4 barrel it blew the doors off the Cameros. A real screamer in an old farts car body. Then they stuck that 390 in the little AMX and made a rocket.

    1. I took more pics of that car than any other, as I had not seen one before. It made me think of the 283 ChevyII and 289 Ford Falcon, tiny light family car with bad ass engine and 4 on the floor. I bet it is fun to horse around in.

  2. Awesome pics. Some of those cars brought back a lot of memories. I loved your friends MG A. I like the "beater but looks good" type of cars, at times better than those in mint condition. I am going to take a look at that camera. I have been finding out lately I need to stretch out to 300mm. Great post and there's nothing wrong with living life and not posting ... I wish I could do that.

    1. Thanks Steve. For $ 400 that camera is awesome. I was considering buying the one like Sherry has, but read her email again and then read reviews and I had personal recommendations from two friends for the Lumix-80. The picture quality is great and having that 20 mm to 1200 mm optical lens is awesome. The lens has been in use on two earlier models starting in 2003 I think. They stuck with it because it works. Improvements in this newer model are wider ISO range, more frames per second, more focal points and a 4 shot burst of a pic, which then stacks or overlays pics. I have not tried it, but the book explains 4 pics are shot at 30 FPS each focused on a different point, then they are combined to make all four in focus. Sounds complex, but I hope to try it on an animal on a hill. It is Wifey's and I may get to use it some day. So far It gets a thumbs up from me.

    2. Thanks for the info ... sounds very impressive and something I need to check out. I'll look at customer reviews and CNET reviews. Hard to imagine one camera with a range of 20mm to 1200mm.

  3. Sounds like a wonderful camera. Hope to see some of Kathy's pictures. Where is her vacation? Guess she's leaving you with kitty. LOL that you didn't want him to hate you forever.

  4. Kenya, South Africa and some other wild animal place with her old school friend. I will get her another memory chip or two and a spare battery.
    Kitty always blames me for vet visits etc.