Sunday, August 13, 2017

As The Plot Thickens....

Got this email tonight. See email from Amazon on last post.

ICSTARS - Amazon Marketplace

12:47 AM (1 hour ago)
to me
Order ID 111-3539600-1572215:
2 of Solar Filter - Unversal Lens Filter 70mm - White Light for camera [ASIN: B06ZZ59L3N]

------------- Begin message -------------


Recently, Amazon has published a notice to clients who purchased ULF filters on AMAZON regarding safety of the product.
Any filter bought through ICSTARS on Amazon is SAFE.

Be advised that NASA and AAS American Astronomical Society website at for Reputable Vendors of Solar Filters & Viewers specifically list Daystar Filters and ICSTARS products in both Solar Glasses and the Solar Filters for Telescopes, Binoculars & Camera Lenses section below.

All Daystar ULF Universal Lens Filter products use Thousand Oaks SolarLite film and are converted by American Paper Optics here in the United states.

Amazon did not request that our company send them documents.
Amazon has rejected attempts by Daystar or ICSTARS to submit documentation to them.

Because ISO-12312-2 applies specifically to Sunglasses and eyewear, Universal Lens Filters cannot legally be imprinted with the ISO-12312-2 certification.
We do have documentation for this fact.   If you wish to see this documentation, please feel free to contact us at [e-mail address removed]
The ISO standard may also be referenced online at:

Members of the AAS have been in contact with Amazon about this message in hopes that you may be reassured by this confusing information; which a senior AAS member has referred to as 'creating unnecessary panic'.
We are sorry that you may be confused by this information.

We hope you will visit the above websites for reassurances of our product quality by the very sources cited in the message Amazon sent you.

Again:  Daystar brand ULF Solar Filters bought through Amazon by ICSTARS are SAFE.

Most importantly, we hope you will use safe eye protection for August 21st for your eyes with ISO certified glasses and with solar filters for your equipment from sources on the AAS reputable vendors listing.

Clear skies,
jen Winter - Owner

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