Thursday, August 17, 2017

Batteries Charged, Memory chips empty, most things packed

  Waited until last day and have been packing my suitcase, my backpack was done earlier. Tonight after the news program, Kathy takes me to the airport and has peace without me for six nights. Hope she enjoys it.

  That is Kathy and Molly in front of what is left of Exit Glacier. This was from our impromptu day trip to Seward and back. It is only 123 beautiful miles from our home and I must have driven it close to a thousand times between my job and fun trips. Any longtime readers may remember us on a snowmobile at this same spot, may try that again this Feb when we come back for a snow fix.

   My flight should get into Salt Lake City at 1 PM and then a shuttle to the hotel. I hope to explore down town a bit before my Nephew gets there. Time will tell, I may just fall asleep in the room. This is a explore museums and mines and INL tour with a possible eclipse sighting thrown in. Our neighbors are camped out on the Snake River in Oregon and are well stocked with food and eclipse glasses. They drove from here to there with their camper just to witness the event.

  Hope anyone who wants to see the eclipse gets to do so safely.

Total Eclipse Monday 21 August 2017
This link shows the time and area in top left corner.

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  1. Safe travels! I have no idea whether the eclipse will show much here in Acadia National park in Maine. I didn't buy glasses if it does.