Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Denali Backcountry Adventure III

  This post is photos taken along the 97 mile dive into the park. Not great pics, but pics. I needed 200mm more zoom and a seat on top of the bus to get great pics.

  Still enjoying not working.

  There is a sheep in the pic below. I do need more than 300mm on this drive.

  Fireweed is blooming and that means Fall is on the way.

  Today was a stay home and do little day for me. I spoke with my oldest brother for 1.5 hours about planes, power plants, and engineering things. He does miss work but wishes he had retired earlier. He retired at age 67. I am glad I left the work force at age 52, I do miss some things also, but love sleeping in and not having to meet any deadline.

  Out of focus pic but I wanted to show Sow bear had a cub with her.

  A UPS truck came to our house and brought my Squrrelanator I had ordered from ACME. It is a live trap that was suggested to me for my animal problem. Even the UPS guy said his home area was overrun with those cute furry guys this year. I have no idea why they reproduced so much this year.  There must be at least 50 living in my yard and running across my roof early in the morning.

  Caribou loosing old fur and growing new.

  Really, guys, I swear I was abducted and they did experiments on me and implanted this collar.

Caribou on the hillside.

  I watched two movies on internet TV and picked out these pics from the SD chip to use in this post. Another post will be required to finish the drive, I took more pics than I thought.

  Grizzly Bear and cub eating blue berries. All the bears and there was a lot of them were eating berries.


  1. With not enough zoom for some of your photos it just shows how spacious that area is. Add in the wild life and it's almost hard for me to comprehend. Can you believe those small berries could even satisfy a bear of that size? I don't miss work at all after 3.5 years. I love not going to a day full of BS meetings nor the deadlines. I am beginning to think I was not a happy employee my last two years of working and still thrilled I decided to retire at 62.

    1. The tour provided Nikon 8X binoculars to everyone, they were stronger than my 300mm lens. On man on the bus had a Lumix 50X camera and got great pics. This is the same camera Kathy's friend has and loves, so I ordered one for her so she can learn it before vacation. Canon makes a good one also. With image stabilization and giant zoom they work great. If you see Sherry's pics which are amazing, she uses a Canon version of the self contained camera.

      I would not like to do some jobs I had again, but some were a lot of fun and I am glad I had the chance to do them. But being free is a lot better.


    1. Too Funny!
      I bought some bird seed as recommended and when I got home a squirrel was on top of the cage. He appeared to be trying to break in. After he saw me and ran away I inspected the cage and DUH! I had not set it. It was locked for transport.
      So now it is set and has some bird seed and peanuts inside. Will wait and see if it works or not.

  3. No deadlines and getting up whenever I please and not having to go anywhere are tops in what I like about retirement too. Just wish I’d been as smart as you were and retired at 52. Love your pictures of Denali. So much wildlife. The one of the two of you is great. Glad I don’t have to compete with Grizzlies for the blueberries here.

    1. Thank You!
      It amazes me how many people go out and compete with the bears to get those berries. There are two types they pick on the hills, but I forgot the name of the other berry.