Friday, August 11, 2017

Ramblings From Rainy Days

 My neighbors left with their camper for the three-day drive to Oregon this morning.  
 Thanks to Barney and others who left comments to my question. They turned on their Dometic refrigerator and have it on propane and will leave it on for their trip.  

  I gave them chem packs and a quick intro on how to use a black tank properly. They now know Walmart sells a dump hose and will get one on the way out of town. No wonder he did not like the Scamp. 

  I was amazed the factory did not explain how to use the camper to him. They are headed to the Snake river to see the eclipse and will be back two days after I fly back to see the same concert we are going to. 

  I asked and they do not have an eclipse viewing lens. He heard they were out and people were selling fakes that could leave you blind. I offered one of mine and she said 'YES' and he said no. So they hope to find a real one in Bend Oregon. This was a mental overload for me.

  I fly out on the 17th and have a nice hotel and Mustang convertible rental car reserved. It will be a sight seeing road trip with a detour to the gold country for the eclipse and then more sight seeing and then catch a plane back. I always enjoy Nephew Dave adventures, he is a fun guy to hang with.

  Today was an intro to operating a car with a 17 year old girl. Her mom will not help and she wants to take a driving course next year. Her apprehension was holding her back. So I took her to the empty local parking lot where dads take their kids. It was an hour or two getting used to starting and stopping and making tight turns and parking in a slot and close to a curb. Most time was learning to correctly use gas pedal and brake pedal, but by the end, she was doing fine. 

  She wants to do it a few more times and was happy I stayed calm. Hey, at least I can still do something productive.


 critters are either living in a new location or 

possibly just jumping tree to tree to get back 

home. This may or may not be better than 

shooting them with my pellet gun. At least the 
one I shot is not coming back. There are at 

least 20 more in my trees and playing food 

storage experts in my attic each morning. 

Bird seed and a dab of peanut butter have been the bait.


  1. Sounds like a good day to me. I remember when I was teaching my niece to drive at the age of 15, in my Mazda Miata, 5-speed manual. She practically laid rubber when the stop light turned green ... right in front of the local small town cop.

    Looks like you have another great trip lined up. Have fun and try to keep your foot out of that 'Stang.

  2. Dave will be driving, I drive too slow for roads in the great North West.