Monday, August 14, 2017

Six Squirrels Gone From My Yard

UPDATE: Squirrel seven was relocated today

  I decided to rebait the live cage today since we still have those furry chewing critters in our attic. We had to go paint our ceramic bowls we had made and after that, we went grocery shopping. I knew we needed peanut butter as I was out and it makes great bait.

  After getting home we heard lots of Squirrel barking, so after the groceries were put away, I went out to bait the trap. One guy just kept barking at me, so I used my Russian 17 cal pellet gun to end his life and he fell out of the tree. So now six have been caught and relocated and two shot and killed. My friend has shot over 30 in his yard this Summer. I have never seen so many here before.

  I ordered a laptop today and got email confirming so, then ten minutes later I got another email. Sorry but your order is unable to be processed and your credit card will be credited the cost. 

  Perhaps I am going thru a cosmic funk and should wait a few months before trying to buy anything.


  1. Looks like your squirrels don't have any predators but you. 30 in one summer. Good grief! What laptop did you try to buy and from whom? Did they give any reason they couldn't process it. You do seem to be having some bad luck on line. Maybe wait until the waxing moon. LOL

  2. Good thought, I have not seen our local Hawk this Summer. No Eagles messing with Robins either. I had not made that connection, you may have the answer.
    A Groupon ad, Chromebook with SD slot and wireless and 16Gbt SSHD for $ 119. Perhaps they ran out or something. No reason stated in emails.

    I have noticed in this life that cycles repeat and I am on top and everything goes my way or bottom were nothing I try works out easy. I will wait on that purchase, just too bad my Las Vegas trip is already paid for. Perhaps I will be outta the bad luck funk by late October. Cycles can't be real, can they?

  3. I hope you realize for everyone you knock off,, three of his clan brothers,, 🐿🐿🐿 are coming to avenge πŸ‘»
    Thank goodness there's 500 Pellets to a tin