Saturday, August 26, 2017

The Trip Part 2

  Still thinking about all Salt Lake has to see, it is a great place to visit. With temps over 100 degrees in the Summer and snow and cold in the Winter puts it off my where to retire list.

  Going off track a bit here, but yesterday was my Cardio Doc visit. She reviewed my blood test and current weight and looks. Then a review of my mental frame of mind. I meet the requirements for a bypass surgery that will last longer than my stent. I asked how long do I have if I just keep doing what I am doing and the answer was ten years tops. At this point that seems long enough for me as I have enjoyed 6 years of playing without working so far. Seventeen years of playing without working was what I had at the start of my life and this would be equal and this seventeen will be with no parents saying no to things I want to do and all the money I want to spend, within reason that is. So, for now, I will keep playing and hope to enjoy each day.

  After the doc visit, Kathy had a reservation for a yummy Beef filet with green beans and mashed taters and hot rolls. After the great meals, we drove to the local playhouse to see The Great Trailer park Musical. It was very funny and being near the last show, all the actors were great in performing their characters.

 Today was recover from the ten-year news and get some needed rest. There have been many rainy days and my grass needs mowing again, perhaps I will do it, but suspect not.

  The view from the top of the museum was great even though it was hazy.

  That smoke stack in the distance is a copper smelting plant. Copper was what made this city, lots of rich ore in the hills. It is still mined today, but the modern open pit way. Somewhere we went through a small mining museum and it had a lot of history in it about the copper rush.

  The trip seemed a lot longer than it was as Dave had been here many times and knew the coolest technical things to see and the best places to eat. Not much down time trying to figure out what to do. It was go, go, go.

  Park City is kinda neat as it is a ski town that got a lot of cool equipment due to the Olympics. Be ready to walk up the hill and down the hill to see the town and they do have a free trolley to help with that. I liked the way the chair lift starts at the street.

  On new meds tonight, so if the blog quits...know ten years was too optimistic.


  1. I've known several people who have had triple and quad bypasses and are hale and hardy after their 3 month recovery. Why are you saying no? Sorry you missed the choir. Car looked terrible. I'd love to see the musical. How hot was it when you were in SLC? Hope not 100+

    1. Fear of hospitals and things being done to me. I have 3 stents one in each artery feeding the heart mussels, one needed to save my life and two to prevent me from having another heart attack in a year or so. I was unable to take Lipitor due to side effects and have not been on any steroid until yesterday as I am trying Livalo to see if I can live with it and if it lowers my LDL. So many diet changes and my LDL is 189, doc wants it under 100.
      The car is not comfy to ride in, but is quick. SLC was 95 to 98 when we were there, but it is a very dry heat. We hit 105 in Rexburg and dry did not help, it was hot. Thank You for the great comment.