Sunday, August 27, 2017

The Trip Part 3

  We left SLC and started our drive to Rexburg ID. No need to hurry and there was NO TRAFFIC. This was a site I had thought about since I was a kid and saw it on some cartoon. We were passing close to it and spent quite a bit of time there.

  OK enough signs, we must be in the right place.

  This is where the ceremony gold spike gets driven in to complete the coast to coast railroad. 

  Yes this is the place, but no trains and no re enactment of that famous time since May. A keen eyed Park worker noticed a crack in the track where the cars cross to get to this site. More investigation found massive corrosion had weakened the rail below the crack. One section of rail needs replacing before the trains can run again. For reasons above my paygrade, the state must remove and replace the wood the car tires ride on and certified railroad workers must unbolt and remove the bad rail and replace it with a spare kept on site. Red Tape has control of this situation.

  There are lots of info signs to read and a short movie to watch about what this site is about.

  I bought a Sun hat in the gift shop, as I had lost mine somewhere in SLC. It was hot and sunny the day we were there.

  Times change. Thankfully they kept about a mile of extra track on site. It is very small in size and not made anymore.

  An Odd flower I had not noticed before.

  The wood pile in the background is fuel for Jupiter the blue engine with funnel stack.

  The red engine with the straight stack burns coal now. It was built to run on fuel oil and the boiler is welded steel.

  The train engines are beautiful and clean. Nice to look at, but hard to photograph in the barn.

  This is a view inside the firebox of the coal burning red train. Verry different than others I have seen.

 The coal and water car is beautiful. It has steam powered brakes also.


  1. Too bad no reenactment going on. But still a fascinating place.

    1. Yes it is certainly worth the stop. I would be nice to see those beautiful trains out of the barn though. It is also within two miles of the complex that made all the USAF solid rocket engines, the Space Shuttle boosters and Atlas / Delta boosters. They were and are tested there, but I was told a flight at the right time needed to see a test. Many people have seen quite a show on the Idaho Falls to SLC flight. They have a free rocket engine to walk around. It will be my post tonight if I get it done. Thanks.

  2. Were the trains actually that ornate back then or are those special show trains? All the westerns I watched on TV as a kid had fairly plain trains.

    1. Good question. The best train museum is in Sacramento Ca and their engines of this era are ornate and then as they got bigger went to flat black. Good question if anyone reading knows please answer.