Monday, August 28, 2017

The Trip Part 4

  The Thiokol Complex. Where USA's solid rocket engines are made and tested.

 Those tubes leaving the building are slides for escape if the rocket fuel ignites while being cast. Nice they provide a quick get away. Several buildings have them.

  The Space Shuttle boosters were designed and built here as were the boosters now used on the Atlas and Delta rockets used now to launch satellites. They also built the engines for the USAF and Army missiles and a lot of other special equipment.

  The site has a nice rocket garden display of things they have made including experiments. You can stand inside a shuttle booster and see how those seals fit together. I learned a lot there and was stunned to learn that the space shuttle boosters had steerable nozzles and computer controls in the nose cone with the parachute. I thought they were just dumb strong solid rockets.

  The engine tests are done on the other side of the hill. They have very wide roads going over there.

  This area is open to the public and free. Sometimes a rocket engineer is wondering around to answer questions, but not the day we were there. In fact, we were the only people there a lot of the time. They have very good descriptive signs, which were a big help.

  Did not notice any North Koren scientists taking measurements, must have already finished that project.

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  1. Hmmm... escape chutes in case the rocket fuel ignites? I can envision flames shooting out of the chutes instead of people. Hope these folks get hazard pay. Also, have wondered about calling a rocket "peacekeeper." A bit of an oxymoron.